About Delille Oxygen Company, Columbus Specialty Gas Supplier

Delille Oxygen has been a leading provider of specialty gases to Columbus customers since 1989. Since expanding to eight branches in total, Delille is capable of supplying the highest quality product not only to the Columbus area but to the rest of Ohio and surrounding states as well.

In 1924, Delille established itself as a top distributor of equipment and supplies to the welding industry. While we still provide the best quality welding products to our customers, we have been able to successfully transition our more specialized welding gas needs into a specialty gas division capable of delivering the finest high quality gases to the most precise fields in need of such specialized product.

How good is our product? Delille provided the Heliox for the world's two fastest fuel cell powered vehicles, the 207 MPH Ford Fusion and the 302 MPH Buckeye Bullet 2. Both vehicles made their way into the record books by having our gas make its way into their fuel cells.