PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0: The Preferred Ultra-High-Purity, Research-Grade Oxygen in Columbus


Delille Oxygen Company plays a vital role in the supply of PurityPlus® research-grade oxygen. It’s labeled as Oxygen 5.0. With a 99.999% purity classification, it’s the top grade of oxygen PurityPlus® manufactures. That means it’s ideal for use in all kinds of critical Columbus laboratory and industrial applications.

In laboratories, PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0 frequently serves as either a bleaching or an oxidizing agent, as a combustible for flame ionization detectors, and in applications of an exceptionally analytical or developmental nature that would profit in a major way from oxygen of such purity.

Industrial uses for PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0 range far and wide. This, to begin with, is the principal gas for laser-etching silicon substrates in the manufacture of semiconductors. It also figures quite often as an element in gas blends used to encourage industrial hygiene and safety.

In addition, you’ll find PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0 used to a great degree in …

  • gas welding, gas cutting, and comparable industry applications;
  • the steel industry – chiefly to increase combustion temperatures in blast and open-hearth furnaces;
  • oxidation processes important to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries;
  • glass and ceramic creation;
  • pulp and paper manufacturing – primarily as a bleaching chemical in the manufacture of superior-quality bleached pulp;
  • the medical and healthcare industries – where the greatest purity is vital, say, during surgery, for intensive-care treatment, and for inhalation therapy;
  • waste-water treatment plants.

There are, as you’d likely surmise, other uses for PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0. But these are the tasks to which the greater number of our Columbus-area customers put it. Besides the fact that we make it abundantly available to them – wherever and whenever they need it – our customers also love the personal, localized service we provide … not to mention our consistent, highly competitive pricing.

To get your hands on the ultra-high-purity, research-grade oxygen you need, contact Delille Oxygen Company, your hometown PurityPlus® Partner and specialty gas authority, today.